As I aspire to achieve my dream of becoming a foreign affairs journalist I will be experimenting with this very blog.
I’m Bernadette Clarke, a chirpy student studying Journalism and International Studies at the University of Wollongong.



Instagram: dette_clarke
Facebook: Bernadette Clarke

Philosophy statement

Intrigued by all things significant and insignificant I wish to tell the stories of anything big or small, through pursuing a career in Journalism. My dream is to become a Foreign Correspondent and share the important, controversial and unique stories this insane world provides.
I love to read stories, REAL  stories and I wish to one day share REAL stories that people will love themselves. I want audiences to become interested in the topic I speak of, and feel passion. I wish to portray my own perspective to audiences. A truthful perspective.
To be a good Journalist I believe you have to convey the truth and make people think – evoking emotions and new opinions. It’s my dream to change opinions positively and effectively.
I’m excited to learn and become inspired not just through these four and a half years of university, but also through out my life span.
There’s so much wisdom I want to immerse myself in. Understanding different cultures, religions and even politics will enrich my intelligence, then hopefully I can pass on my knowledge to audiences of all types.



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